Hi, Kitchen Residents! Want to know the best food at Dapura that can be ordered via Go/Grabfood?

When we talk about food, there is no end, Warga Dapura. Especially when the stomach is empty, all the food will taste delicious.

Btw, the Dapura team has tried food from all the merchants.. Even though it’s really hard to decide because the food at the Dapura merchant is definitely delicious. So, so that Dapura residents don’t get confused about which one to choose, here are the top 5 most delicious foods for the Dapura version in March 2022!

Bif Rais – Rais Chicken With Bali Chilly

Just from the name, it’s pretty cool, isn’t it!.. However, even with a super cool name, this food is still sold at low prices and large portions! If the Dapura residents have tried it. I definitely agree with Min-Ra’s review… According to Min-Ra, the chicken is juicy, the chili sauce is spicy, it’s really addictive. Duh MinRa wants to eat again. It’s perfect for those whose pockets are dry!

WildBites – Triple Mixed Jumbo Beef

Now for this one, there’s a lot of rice in jumbo size and WildBites!. It’s suitable for the two of you to eat together, hihi. The meat and the spices are not stingy either…

People’s Egg Rice – Special Rice

What’s special is not only you, but the rice from Nasi Telor Rakyat is no less special. As the name implies, Nasi Egg Rakyat serves delicious food with rice and omelette & fried eggs, as well as many other menus too, such as serundeng and crispy skin. Oh, you really have to try it!

Studio Katsu – Amakuchi

If this one food is really suitable for mixing. Digadoin is delicious, especially with rice, of course it will be even more delicious. Studio Katsu is really the master of katsu!

Chicken Woku Chef Juna Dailybox

Who doesn’t know this Masterchef jury? The owner is a famous chef, the food is really delicious. The price is also super duper affordable for school children!

Oh, just thinking about food makes you hungry again, for those of you who haven’t tried the food above, where have you just found out? It’s okay, hurry up and buy it at the nearest Dapura!

As Sisca Kohl said “Good luck!”


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