Do kitchen residents want to know how to expand the food business the fastest?

Many food businesses have emerged during this pandemic, but only a few are able to last more than 1 year and a few are able to expand to reach a wider area. In difficult times due to this Pandemic, FnB entrepreneurs must have a mature plan for their business, and the execution process must also be carried out quickly and precisely so that the momentum is not delayed.

Cloud Kitchen / Ghost Kitchen is the most profitable online food business expansion method today, especially in today’s modern world where everything is online. Unfortunately, not a few business people have problems due to limited capital and lack of knowledge about people’s consumption behavior.

Dapura Indonesia provides the best solution, we are ready to help business people to start and expand their business at affordable prices and provide insight into consumer behavior in various regions so that your business can reach the right customers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Dapura has been trusted by more than 150 FnB Brands such as North Pole Gelato, Daily Box, Endorphins, and many other brands.

To support and facilitate the business development of new business actors/MSMEs, Dapura makes rental prices very affordable for MSME business players. In addition to online sales, several kitchen locations also provide a place for dine-in.

Dapura also collaborates with several influencers from various platforms (instagram, tiktok, youtube) who can help increase your business sales. With Dapura’s strategic location, the Dapura Team is ready to help start and develop your business, what are you waiting for? Let’s join, start and develop your business with minimal risk with Dapura Indonesia.


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