Has your FnB business lost due to the Covid-19 Pandemic?


The FnB industry is the industry most affected by the spread of the corona virus or Covid-19 which is increasingly widespread in the country. Based on research results released by Moka, a digital cash register provider, out of 17 cities observed, 13 cities experienced a significant decrease in daily income.

One of the government regulations is social distancing, which contains recommendations for the public not to leave their homes to slow the spread of Covid-19, making people stay at home more so that it also has an impact on the decline of the FnB industry. This change in behavior led to a 7 percent increase in take-away food purchases from January to February 2020, but offline sales declined.

This situation creates opportunities for the emergence of various Cloud Kitchens in Indonesia. Cloud Kitchen is a virtual kitchen (dark kitchen), which is a commercial cooking area that offers the space, equipment and resources needed by FnB entrepreneurs to produce food and drinks for delivery and takeaway. Since the 2020 pandemic, the expansion rate of cloud kitchens, especially in Indonesia, has greatly increased.

Cloud Kitchen also offers advantages for food entrepreneurs to produce and distribute their culinary products at a low cost. The main goal of Cloud Kitchen is to focus on maximizing online sales opportunities. In general, Cloud Kitchens can be in many locations. For FnB entrepreneurs, location selection is crucial. Choosing a strategic location will help the sales of the brand.

One of the huge potentials of joining Cloud Kitchen is how FnB entrepreneurs can grow their business rapidly in several strategic locations, and do an efficient set-up in a fast and low-capital way. Cloud Kitchen is willing to offer a low-rent, high-efficiency approach to maximizing food delivery.

The advantages possessed by Cloud Kitchen are also very many, one of which is affordable operating costs compared to conventional restaurants. Cloud kitchen also offers a personal support team, technology, as well as kitchen cleaning and periodic maintenance.

With the increasing number of business opportunities through cloud kitchens, and the potential for success that is already in sight, now is the right time for foodpreneurs to start and develop with DAPURA as The Most Reliable, Efficient and Provider Cloud Kitchen in Indonesia.

There is no doubt that even though the Covid-19 Pandemic is coming to an end, your FnB business will continue to record growth and increasingly fierce competition. In fact, consumption habits via online due to Social Distancing during a Pandemic in society will not change even in the post-pandemic period. Seeing the prospect of the FnB business growing through the cloud kitchen shows that the FnB business will become a bright franchise sector in the future.


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